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How to flow in the rational business world

Entrepreneurs can change the world and have proven to have changed the world in the past. Governments are supporting entrepreneurship globally as the new placebo for poverty, job creation and might even for the failed education systems. Becoming an entrepreneur is for many a dream. Having the freedom, the power and creativity to be his own boss. Born in Switzerland the need to become an entrepreneur is less likely as if you are from an emerging country. The pure need for survival, financial income, will force you to become an entrepreneur – a lot of them as small business or street vendor.

The entrepreneurs in this documentary and book are of a certain kind. There is a magic or a deep wisdom in the creators who are driven to bring a dream, a need into reality or solve a big problem. These kind of people are forced to follow their core intuition. Usually these people overcome all obstacles along the way and almost make the impossible possible.

What is their secret? How do they overcome challenges? They all have magic inside we would like to share with the audience. I like to describe life with two parts. The first is outer motivated: career, money, fulfilling expectations, ego. Then usually something happens: burnout, depression, major setback, cancer, accidents and the people go into the second part of life. There all is focussed inwards, understanding their own being, spirituality, purpose, meaningfulness. Focussed outwards for inspiration, creation for the good or improving others live – also philantrophical thoughts and motivation.

In this project we will discover the exact moments of this deep transformation. How they become human again – after being a human being, which is passive and focussed for the self-interest.
The documentary shall inspire people to share and be honest about their own transformation experiences and motivations. Also it shall help to address the young generation to choose consciously entrepreneurship as a career path and on the other hand that their parents, the adults accept and understand the motivation of the younger generation for being independent or self-employed.

Many successful entrepreneurs have proven that there is a magic in doing what you are passionate about. Being in the flow and trust – served by the universe whatever they need to succeed in their ventures. We can call this the entrepreneurial flow. I believe the idea or story is quite spiritual, even if the people might not be aware of it. Working or business is like joy, meditation or hobby for them.

Usually they don’t strive for power or money. They are so passionate to solve a problem, helping others. The relationship with money needs to be good, otherwise this will also hinder their success or money flow.

The question lies there how did they switch or trigger the flow - to let the universe serve them what needed to be served. What can be helpful in terms of meditative practices?

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